Title Author Date Listen Download
Making Peter’s Wish Nancy French Mar. 1989
Grandpa Hillary Caren Llewelyn Aug. 1987
Dallas Will Still Be There on Thursday Jack Weyland June 1987
The Geometry Lesson Jean Zundel Liebenthal Aug. 1986
The Harvest Jennifer Dix Oct. 1984
Jubal on the Mountain Tom Williams Mar. 1984
Heirlooms Carolyn Campbell Feb. 1984
Pick Only Flowers Katherine Myers July 1983
The Survivors Myrna Marler Aug. 1982
Bus Stop Patty Redd Kennington Sept. 1981
Stake Conference Sunday Margaret Woods June 1980
Her House in Order Elouise Bell Oct. 1979
Everncere Eileen Gibbons Kump Aug. 1979
Brother Angelo Jay A. Parry June 1979
The Rescue Janice Leavitt Voorhies Apr. 1978
Wilhelmstrasse 23 Danny N. Crandall Jan. 1978
The Year We Discovered Tradition Jay A. Parry Dec. 1977
The Christmas Woodpile A. R. Hawkins Dec. 1976
From Milk to Music Janet B. Seegmiller Feb. 1975
Homer Giles, Home Teacher Paul S. Buckingham Dec. 1974