Title Author Date Listen Download
My Untimely Service As Music Director Don L. Searle June 1988
A Run for Our Money Terry Bohle Montague Mar. 1987
The Tantalizing, Great-Smelling, Good-for-You, You’d-Better-Eat-It, Dreadful, Memorable “Cheesy Mac” Afton H. Stuart Sept. 1984
The Bishop’s Wife Joyce Gardner Apr. 1984
Buffalo Angels, Indian Chiefs Lucile M. Weenig July 1983
Fishing for Tulips Aney B. Chatterton Oct. 1982
It Takes Only Thirty Minutes a Day … Barbara Stockwell July 1982
Enduring to the End (of the Row) Jean A. Moultrie Apr. 1982
Locked in the Pipes Richard M. Romney Feb. 1982
Living with My Son’s Chest of Drawers Camilla M. Northrup Sept. 1981
The All-Purpose Discourse Lane Johnson July 1981
Those Were the Good Old Goals Evalyn D. Bennett Mar. 1980
“And the Password Is …” J. Lynn Bradford Jan. 1980
Volkswagen on a Snowball John K. Harmer Oct. 1979
My Most Unforgettable Funeral Richard H. Cracroft Feb. 1979