What does it take to be a prophet?

A boy in New England, not quite fifteen,

Is excited by all the country revivals,

By all he has heard, and all he has seen.

Who has the truth and which is the right church?

The ministers argue, each in his turn;

No one agrees in all the wild clamor,

Not one has the answer for his great concern.

Where is the comfort for one who is seeking?

He will go to the Bible; he will find Jesus’ word.

So he searches the scriptures and reads by the firelight:

“If any lack wisdom, let him ask of the Lord.”

What does it take to be a prophet?

Desire to know of the Lord face to face,

And faith in the word that the Holy Book teaches;

So Joseph went out to a lone quiet place.

A boy, near fifteen, in the woods with his question,

Humbly in prayer knelt on the earth.

And the Father and Son appeared with an answer.

Out from the grove a prophet came forth!

Sculpture by Avard Fairbanks