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Jan. 1971

A Message from the First Presidency to You 
Recipes from Australia 
A Night for CourageMargery Cannon 
A ProphetMabel Jones Gabbott 
Acuma and the KivaLynne Gessner 
Calendar for January 1971 

Puzzles and Games

Hide and Seek
Lael J. Littke 

Puzzles and Games

What Kind of a House
Mary Ellen Jolley 
MormonMabel Jones Gabbott 
A Time to TalkElliott D. Landau 
Let’s Read 
The Voice of the CoyoteRichard E. Albert 
Friend to FriendSpencer W. Kimball 
Going Out WestMary Pratt Parrish 
A Ride on Black PrancerLois Anne Williams 
Friends in Australia 
Here Comes the SnowRegina Sauro