All year long I shall think the words
And whisper them to you.
Then when I write them on my heart
You will know that they are true:
I may be red or blue or green,
On rainy days I’m often seen.
Sometimes you open me up wide;
Again, I travel at your side.
What am I?
An umbrella
What vegetable is like a sad story? Onion. It makes you cry
What animal keeps the best time? A watch dog
John: I added these figures 10 times. Teacher: Good boy, John. John: Here are the 10 answers.
How is a snowman like a box of cereal? They both contain many flakes
Why is the figure 9 like a peacock? Because it would be nothing without its tail
What is more amazing than a horse that counts? A spelling bee

February 1, 1859: Deseret Alphabet

February 3, 1851: Brigham Young became governor of the territory of Utah.

February 4, 1847: Ship Brooklyn

February 7, 1841: Nauvoo Legion organized; Joseph Smith, lieutenant general.

February 8, 1910: Boy Scouts of America incorporated.

February 11: Thomas A. Edison, American inventor, 1847–1931.

February 12: Abraham Lincoln, 16th president of the U.S., 1809–1865.

February 14: Valentine’s Day

February 17, 1834: First high council organized.

February 22: George Washington, 1st president of the U.S., 1732–1799

February 23: George Frederick Handel, German composer, 1685–1759.

February 24: Wilhelm Grimm, German writer, 1786–1859

February 25: Vietnam New Year

February 26: Buffalo Bill (William F. Cody), American scout, 1846–1917

[illustration] The ship Brooklyn under the direction of Samuel Brannon left New England with 238 members of the Church aboard bound for California, February 4, 1847. (Illustrated by Jerry Thompson.)