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February 1971

The Porpoise by Ethel Jacobson
The Feather Bed by Mary Pratt Parrish
Little Willie Splasher by Gloria Pieretti
Friend to Friend Mark E. Petersen
A Time of New Beginning by Gloria Pieretti
Puzzles by Janet R. Balmforth
A Time to Talk by Elliott D. Landau, Ph.D.
Let’s Read
Moroni A Book of Mormon Story Retold by Mabel Jones Gabbott
Puzzled Valentine by Mary Ann Turner
Recipe: Foot-long Pizzas
Valentines to Make
Calendar for February 1971
Mouse Valentine by Solveig Paulson Russell
Friends in Japan
Forgetful Jane by Elizabeth Glann
How Sam Got Home by Margaret Haun
On Groundhog Day by Milo Mills