Make Your Own Kite!

by Phyllis Luch

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    This butterfly kite is made of sticks that have been bent in a half circle. You will need lightweight sticks or tree limbs that will easily bend to shape. Notch the sticks where they are to be tied together so the tied string will not slip.

    Place the wood and string frame on tissue paper (or other lightweight paper) large enough to extend beyond the edges of the frame. Cut the paper about two inches larger than the frame all around the edges. Fold paper edges over the top of the sticks and strings and paste down. You may need a little help with this kite.

    Easy to Make Broom Straw Kite

    1. You will need a 9″ by 10″ piece of light wrapping or tissue paper. Fold in half and cut in shape shown in illustration.

    2. Open up and fold down from top to make a crease across the widest part of the paper. (See illustration.)

    3. Thread two straws from a stiff broom in and out along each crease (thread one straw from side to side and the other straw from top to bottom).

    4. Turn paper over. With needle and thread, sew through paper at A and around straw in that place a few times. Do not cut thread. Sew the same type of fastening at B, leaving thread a little loose between A and B. Fasten thread at C and tie around the straw. Do not cut the thread at this point; draw it up and tie it to the middle of the cross thread.

    5. Paste strips of paper together to make a tail. If the kite wobbles, tear a bit off the tail until it has balance.