A chair’s a useful little seat,

A place to sit and dangle feet.

Chairs may have legs—usually four—

Or hang from hooks, not touching floor.

Chairs must have backs. That is the rule.

Remove the back, a chair’s a stool.

Another thing a chair must do

Is seat but one, and seldom two.

But if two chairs are side by side,

Two friends may share—it’s twice as wide.

Sometimes three chairs will make a boat,

And we pretend that we’re afloat.

Four chairs—a giant aeroplane;

And five—a long and winding train.

A cozy tent I build with six,

And anchor a quilt down with bricks.

A chair can also be my slide,

Or a secret place where I hide.

It’s also good for climbing up

To find my favorite bowl and cup.

Then when it’s time for us to eat,

Our table wouldn’t be complete

Without Daddy’s chair,

Mommy’s chair,

Baby’s chair,


Illustrated by Charles Quilter