You will need:

  • Yarn

  • Crochet hook

  • Bone or plastic rings

NOTE: Bone or plastic rings may be found in drapery departments or at needlework counters. You will need to have enough rings to fit side-by-side around your waist.

Single crochet around the first ring until you have covered half the ring. (On a one-inch ring, 14 single crochet stitches will cover one-half of the ring.) Be sure to count the number of stitches you have made so that you will do exactly the same number of stitches in each ring.

* Chain two (these two stitches should be tight to avoid stretching), then single crochet around half of the next ring.* Repeat the steps between the asterisks (*) until you have enough rings to barely reach around the waist.

Make a chain of 50 stitches. Single crochet around a ring, covering it completely. Then single crochet in each of the chain stitches as you work back to the belt. This will make the tie for the belt.

Using the same number of single crochet stitches, cover the remaining half of each ring. Between each ring, work a single crochet in each of the two chain stitches between the rings.

When you reach the end, make another chain of 50 stitches, single crochet around a ring covering it completely, and then single crochet back to the belt. This forms the second tie. Fasten off when you reach the beginning ring.

The two long ends are tied to fasten the belt.

VARIATIONS: You might like to loop five- or six-inch lengths of yarn through the rings on each tie to make a tassel. You might also use rings of different sizes. Different colors of yarn could be used to crochet around the rings. Crocheting around the belt for a second row gives the belt a wider look. Use your imagination and have fun with several belts that you have made to wear or give as gifts.