Why are fish well educated?

Because they travel in schools.

What do the fish think when school is out

And boys with poles and a carefree shout

Dangle worms and splash about?

Are the fishes glad that school is out?

June 1, 1801: Brigham Young, second president of the Church, born.

June 2, 1874: One hundred Goshute Indians baptized in Deep Creek, Tooele County, Utah.

June 5, 1848: Seagulls destroy crickets.

June 8, 1869: Frank Lloyd Wright, American architect, born.

June 9, 1830: First LDS Church conference held at Fayette, New York.

June 10, 1875: Young Men’s Mutual Improvement Association organized.

June 11: Kamehameha Day (birthday of the first king of Hawaii).

June 15, 1929: Salt Lake Tabernacle Choir began broadcasting on radio.

June 18, 1882: Igor Stravinsky, Russian composer, born.

June 19, 1623: Blaise Pascal, French scientist, born.

June 20, 1837: Victoria became Queen of Great Britain.

June 27, 1844: Prophet Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum martyred.

June 29, 1844: Funeral for Joseph and Hyrum.