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Aug. 1971

Friends from the British Isles 

Friend to Friend:

Friend to Friend: Missionary Memories
Ezra Taft Benson 
A Time to TalkElliott D. Landau 
Let’s Read 
GideonMabel Jones Gabbott 

Puzzles and Games

Paper Sculpture Flower

Puzzles and Games

If I Had
Janet R. Balmforth 

Puzzles and Games

Frilly Flower Cups
August CalendarErma Lea Chitty 
The Mouse’s HouseEthel Jacobson 
All Is WellMary Pratt Parrish 
Recipes from the British Isles 
MacawEthel Jacobson 
GiraffeIda M. Pardue 
Birds as ArchitectsTrevor Holloway 
Indian LessonSherrie Johnson 
BlackbirdsMilo Mills