A Time to Talk

by Elliott D. Landau, Ph.D.

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    It must seem strange for many of you to see your friends doing things that your parents say you are not allowed to do because you are a Latter-day Saint. Perhaps more than any other children in the world, Latter-day Saint children are told “this you must not do,” or “we are not allowed.” As a matter of fact, your parents face similar problems. Some of the people they work with and some of the people in their own families may do things that Latter-day Saints are not supposed to do.

    It is never easy to be different. But we are different, and it is important to be proud of our differences. I did not say that we should feel greater than anyone else because of this difference. It is only that we have to remember that which we believe and that which the Church teaches is true.

    In the midst of many people who do not believe the way we do, it is essential that we trust and behave according to the ways of our religion. It’s so easy to melt into the ways of the world. The Church wants us to be in the world, concerned with the world, but not of the world. This means that certain worldy desires and interests are forbidden to us. It is not a source of dismay or concern. LDS is beautiful.