Wild Animal Crossword

by Heather Smith Thomas

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    2. Small cunning hunter with short legs and long slender body

    6. Large shaggy animal with horns and a humped back

    8. Small cousin of dog that howls at the moon

    10. Graceful animal that can leap a fallen log or a six-foot fence

    11. Animal like a small dog with bushy tail

    12. Animal that has large front teeth for cutting trees, a wide flat tail, and builds dams across streams

    15. True name of this swift animal is pronghorn

    16. A small insectivorous mammal

    18. Large furry animal with short tail; hibernates during the winter

    19. Large graceful bird that has a long neck

    21. Animal with black and white stripes and a distinctive odor

    22. Abbreviation for Traffic Director

    24. Small animal highly valued for its fur

    26. Large solemn bird that hunts at night

    27. Masked animal washes food before eating it


    1. Small mammal that sleeps during day, flies at night

    2. Animal that looks like a large dog and usually travels in packs

    3. Short-tailed cat related to the lynx

    4. The largest wild cat in North America

    5. The largest member of the deer family

    7. A northern relative of the bobcat

    9. Majestic animal called Wapiti by the Indians

    11. Young deer

    13. Small furry animal with long ears and a short tail

    14. Animal that hangs by his tail and sometimes plays dead to fool enemies

    17. Bird that is a hunter

    19. A reptile that is long and has no legs

    20. Short and heavy animal that digs large burrows

    23. Female deer

    25. Female elk

    26. Opposite of off


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    • Across: (2) weasel, (6) buffalo, (8) coyote, (10) deer, (11) fox, (12) beaver, (15) antelope, (16) shrew, (18) bear, (19) swan, (21) skunk, (22) TD, (24) mink, (26) owl, (27) raccoon

      Down: (1) bat, (2) wolf, (3) bobcat, (4) cougar, (5) moose, (7) lynx, (9) elk, (11) fawn, (13) rabbit, (14) opossum, (17) hawk, (19) snake, (20) badger, (23) doe, (25) cow, (26) on.