October Calendar

Dry Leaves

Jump in the dry leaves!
See them scurry and fly,
And hear how they crackle,
And skitter, and sigh.
Watch how a few go
Skimming away,
Like children from school
Just let out to play.

October 3, 1835: Camille Saint-Saëns, French composer, born.

October 5, 1582: Gregorian calendar adopted.

October 6, 1867: First LDS conference held in new Salt Lake Tabernacle.

October 7, 1853: James Whitcomb Riley, American poet, born.

October 9, 1898: Lorenzo Snow sustained as 5th President of Church.

October 10, 1880: John Taylor sustained as 3rd President of Church.

October 16, 1876: Brigham Young Academy (University) founded in Provo, Utah.

October 17, 1901: Joseph F. Smith sustained as 6th President of Church.

October 19, 1784: Leigh Hunt, English poet-essayist, born.

October 21, 1878: Thomas A. Edison invented electric lights.

October 22, 1811: Franz Liszt, Hungarian composer and conductor, born.

October 24, 1632: Anton van Leeuwenhoek, Dutch naturalist, born.

October 25, 1825: Johann Strauss, Austrian composer, born.

October 29, 1795: John Keats, English poet, born.

October 31: Halloween in U.S.