The Ridiculous Ride

by Wendy Watling

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    Copy each line of words in the list on a separate card or piece of paper. Put all of the cards in a paper bag or box and mix them up.

    Read the story aloud. When you come to a blank space, draw a card from the paper bag, read it aloud, and continue on with the story. Draw a new card each time you come to a blank.

    “Is everyone ready to go for a ride?” asked Father.

    “We’re ready,” shouted the Turner twins, Brad and Becky. “Let’s go!”

    “I just love to ride in this _____,” sighed Mother, as the car drove onto the highway.

    “Keep you eyes open for new and interesting things,” cautioned Father.

    “Look over there at that _____,” said Brad.

    “There’s a _____ on top of that house!” squealed Becky.

    “Look under the bridge at that _____ and _____,” laughed Mother.

    Father began to chuckle. “In that car ahead of us I can see a _____, a _____, and a _____.”

    “Oh, no!” groaned Brad. “Look at that _____ wearing a _____.”

    “If you think that’s strange,” Becky said, looking out her window, “what about that boy riding a _____ with a _____ on his back!”

    “I never saw a _____ before,” said Mother, “but there’s one on that lady’s hat!”

    Toot! Toot! sang a train as it passed by, loaded with a _____, a _____, and a _____.

    “How funny,” smiled Brad, who had laughed so hard his sides ached. “I don’t believe it,” he called out. “Look at that lady pushing a baby buggy with a _____ in it, and a _____ tied onto the handle.”

    “Now I’ve seen everything,” laughed Becky. “See that man wearing a _____. He’s throwing a _____ in the air and his _____ is bringing is back to him.”

    “Let’s stop the car by this _____ and have our picnic,” said Father.

    “Here, Brad, you carry the lunch over by that _____,” said Mother. “That looks like a good place to eat.”

    Lunch was delicious. They had _____, _____, _____, and _____.

    That night, way after time for the _____ to be asleep, the tired Turner family drove home. As the twins climbed out of the car, they both agreed it was the most ridiculous ride they had ever taken!

    Pair of parakeets

    Pink caterpillar

    Gorgeous gorilla

    Flat tire

    Bent book

    Boiled onion

    Mischievous monkey

    Orange octopus

    Bearded poet

    Tired tadpole

    Bowlegged giraffe

    Broken kite

    Lumpy lobster

    Pound of peanuts

    Silly seal

    Fractured football

    Popped firecracker

    Blue-eyed baboon

    Purple cow

    Bent nail

    Airmail stamp

    Rusty horseshoe

    Blue briefcase

    Bag of marbles

    Sneezing snake

    Can of paint

    Fat frog

    Exhausted encyclopedia

    Jumping gentleman

    Soggy sandwich


    Goofy gopher