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November 1971

When I’m All Alone by Mabel Jones Gabbott
Our Thanks Again by Agnes Finch Whitacre
Madeline’s Dream
Recipes from Italy
Friend to Friend by President Harold B. Lee
A Quilt Block for the Schoolmaster by Solveig Paulson Russell
Yellow Leaf’s Gift by Mary Joyce Capps
Samuel, the Lamanite A Book of Mormon Story Retold by Mabel Jones Gabbott
Games and Puzzles by Wendy Watling
November Calendar
A Time to Talk by Elliott D. Landau, Ph.D.
Let’s Read
Hero of Two Worlds by Vicki H. Budge
Food for the Winter by Mary Pratt Parrish
The Secret Place by Janet R. Balmforth
Thanksgiving by Solveig Paulson Russell