Jokes, Cartoons, and Riddles

by Dorothea M. Avery

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    What can be broken without being hit or dropped? A promise.

    What is broken before it is used? An egg.

    How might you be completely sleepless for seven days and still not lack any rest? By sleeping nights.

    What did one penny say to the other? Let’s get together and make some cents (sense).

    What musical instrument invites you to fish? Cast-a-net.

    Why is a river rich? Because it always has two banks.

    What word of five letters has six left after you take two away? Six - ty

    Why are flowers lazy? You always find them in beds.

    What is always filled when in use and empty when at rest? A shoe.

    Why is a poor joke like an unsharpened pencil? Because it has no point.

    More Riddles

    Why should spiders make good outfielders? Because they always catch flies.

    Spell enemy in three letters. NME or FOE.

    What nut reminds you of a large strong box? A chestnut.

    What vegetable needs a plumber? A leek (leak).

    Which are the most contented birds? Crows. They never complain without caws (cause).

    Teacher: If you have ten potatoes and must divide them equally among seven persons, how would you do it? Mary: “I’d mash them!”

    Fun with Words

    The answer to each question sounds exactly like the word in italics, but is not spelled the same. See how many correct answers you can give.

    1. What sounds like heal but is a part of your foot?

    2. What sounds like sale but is a part of a boat?

    3. What sounds like bare but is an animal?

    4. What sounds like doe but is used to make bread?

    5. What sounds like fair but is what you give the bus driver to pay for your ride?

    6. What sounds like blew but is a color?

    7. What sounds like break but is used to stop a moving car?

    8. What sounds like scene but is what we have done with our eyes?

    9. What sounds like ate but is actually a number?

    10. What sounds like stare but is a step?

    11. What sounds like knows but is a part of you face?

    12. What sounds like tide but is something that means fastened?

    13. What sounds like sew but means the planting of seeds?

    14. What sounds like sun but is a father’s boy?

    15. What sounds like tail but is a story?

    16. What sounds like won but is a number?


    (1) heel, (2) sail, (3) bear, (4) dough, (5) fare, (6) blue, (7) brake, (8) seen, (9) eight, (10) stair, (11) nose, (12) tied, (13) sow, (14) son, (15) tale, (16) one