Fun ’n Friendsy

by Ida M. Pardue

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    Letter Drop

    Drop two letters into the right spaces, and each pair of letters will sound like the word described.

    B C D E I M T V Z L N K

    Use these letters as often as you wish.

    1. L N

    a girl’s name (ELLEN)


    when you don’t brush your teeth


    a climbing plant


    shot from a gun


    how kindergarten problems seem when you’re in the 6th grade


    how a snowball feels


    your tummy just before lunch


    (2) D K—decay, (3) I V—ivy, (4) B B—B B, (5) E Z—easy, (6) I C—icy, (7) M T—empty

    Ten Birds

    Using clues to help, fill in blanks to name ten birds.

    1. __ __ __ bird

    an adult kitten

    2. __ __ __ in

    to steal

    3. __ __ __ __ ling

    shines at night

    4. __ __ __ __ piper

    found at the beach

    5. __ __ __ __ bird

    color of the sky

    6. sp __ __ __ __ __

    used with a bow

    7. __ __ __ __ __ __ lark

    a field

    8. __ __ __ __ __ bird

    color of coal

    9. __ __ __ bird

    mother of calf

    10. __ __ __ __ bird

    a ruler of a country


    (1) cat, (2) rob, (3) star, (4) sand, (5) blue, (6) arrow, (7) meadow, (8) black, (9) cow, (10) king


    1. What bird can run at a speed up to 50 miles an hour?

    2. What bird has a monument built to its honor in Utah?

    3. What bird cannot fly but uses its wings as paddles when it swims?

    4. What bird family can be taught to talk?

    5. What is the smallest bird in the world?

    6. What bird represents strength and dignity?

    7. What is the fastest flying bird?

    8. What bird has a beautiful fan-like tail?

    9. What bird pecks on trees to get bugs that live under the bark?

    10. What is the largest living bird?


    (1) roadrunner, (2) seagull, (3) penguin, (4) parrot, (5) hummingbird, (6) eagle, (7) swift, (8) peacock, (9) woodpecker, (10) ostrich

    Friend Binder

    You will need: one corrugated cardboard carton, scissors, pencil, ruler, twelve pieces of yarn thirty-six inches long, glue, and wrapping paper or paper that has a sticky-backed surface.

    Cut two pieces of cardboard from carton using measurements given. Using one peice of cardboard for the front cover, glue the twelve pieces of yarn along the inside of the narrow section from top to bottom. This narrow section will be one-half of the back of binder. See the illustration for placement of yarn.

    Glue narrow section of second piece of cardboard directly over the glued strips of yarn. Place a heavy book or books on top of this until section is completely dry. Drying is a very important step.

    Next, cover the inside surface of the binder with bright paper or sticky-backed paper. Cover the outside of the binder the same way.

    Place twelve Friend magazines in order with January 1971 on top. Open January 1971 to center. Tie the magazine into position with the first pieces of yarn (top and bottom). When the knot is secure, tie February in place with the next set of strings (see illustration). Fasten remaining issues in same way.

    Bible Story Crossword

    The Lord told (9 across) that He was going to send a (3 down) to cover the earth because the people were so wicked. He commanded Noah to build a great (1 across) and to put (18 down) of every creature (8 across) it. Noah also (17 across) food in it. Perhaps he took oats and (14 down) for the animals to eat. Then he took his (13 across) wife and his (16 across) and their wives into the ark. When the birds and (4 across) had been put inside, the door (6 down) windows were (12 across). The (2 down) fell for forty days and forty (5 down). Water covered the whole earth. All the people were destroyed because they would not (10 down) when Noah told them to repent. The ark sailed for many days. At last Noah sent out a (11 across) to see if the land were (15 across). When it came back with a leaf in its mouth, the members of Noah’s family were happy they had been (7 down).


    Down—(2) rain, (3) flood, (5) nights, (6) and, (7) saved, (10) hear, (14) rye, (18) two Across—(1) ark, (4) animals, (8) in, (9) Noah, (11) dove, (12) shut, (13) dear, (15) dry, (16) sons, (17) put

    New Testament Crossword

    There are twenty-seven books in the New Testament. See if you can complete the following crossword puzzle according to the numerical order in which they appear in the Bible.


    (1) Matthew, (2) Mark, (3) Luke, (4) John, (5) Acts, (6) Romans, (7) 1 Corinthians, (8) 2 Corinthians, (9) Galatians, (10) Ephesians, (11) Philippians, (12) Colossians, (13) 1 Thessalonians, (14) 2 Thessalonians, (15) 1 Timothy, (16) 2 Timothy, (17) Titus, (18) Philemon, (19) Hebrews, (20) James, (21) 1 Peter, (22) 2 Peter, (23) 1 John, (24) 2 John, (25) 3 John, (26) Jude, (27) Revelation

    Where Does My Friend Live?

    Take a letter from THATCH,
    And one from BAMBOO.
    Add a letter from WATER,
    And one from TATTOO.
    Take one from SLAPSTICKS,
    And one letter from LEI,
    To learn where my friend
    Gathers flowers each day.



    Daisy Basket

    You will need: construction paper, scissors, pencil, crayons or poster paint, and transparent tape.

    Using pattern given on this page, make a basket from construction paper. Color or paint flowers, stems, and grass.

    Cut out the basket. The stems form the feet of the basket, so carefully cut on the dotted lines around the bottom of each stem.

    Tape sides together on the inside corners (see illustration).