Fun ’n Friendsy

by Shirlee R. Jackson

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    Key Holder

    You will need: a piece of wood 1 1/2″ by 8″, 5 cup screw hooks, 2 screw eyes, and paint.

    Screw cup hooks into wood with hooks all facing same direction (see illustration). Paint wood.

    Screw one eye on top of each side of board and use thumb tacks to attach key holder to wall.

    New at the Zoo

    Help locate these animals in their proper homes. Draw a line from each animal to the name of its homeland.















    woolly monkey


    ostrich to Africa, hornbill to Asia, anteater to South America, koala to Australia, woolly monkey to South America, bear to North America, tiger to Asia, kangaroo to Australia, baboon to Africa, bison to North America

    Printing with Fruits and Vegetables

    Printing with fruits and vegetables can be fun. You can make greeting cards, stationery, or paintings to hang on a wall.

    Make your own ink pad by placing several layers of paper towels on a large flat dish. Carefully pour waterproof drawing ink over the paper towels until towels are wet and soggy.

    Select different fruits and vegetables such as oranges, lemons, green peppers, artichokes, or potatoes.

    Make a clean cut through fruit or vegetable. You may make prints with the wet cut fruit or vegetable, or you may let them dry for twenty-four hours before printing with the cut dry fruit or vegetable. The wet or dry prints will appear different from one another when using the same fruit or vegetable. Ink the wet or dry fruit or vegetable on the ink pad and print on newsprint, rice paper, or construction paper. Experiment with different colors, fruits, and vegetables.

    The Title of Liberty

    A flag is a wonderful thing. Every nation has a flag that is a symbol of the people and what they hope to be.

    The Book of Mormon tells about a very special flag called the “Title of Liberty.” It was made by a great leader named Moroni, who became a general of the Nephite army when only twenty-five years old.

    With the help of the Lord, Moroni was successful in winning many battles against the Lamanites.

    Most of the Nephite people loved the Lord and wanted to serve Him, but there was one man named Amalickiah who wanted to become king. He gathered some of his followers to destroy those who served God so they would not be able to interfere with his wicked plans.

    General Moroni was angry when he heard of the evil plans of Amalickiah. In his anger Moroni tore his coat, took a piece of it, and wrote some words upon it. Fastening the cloth to the end of a pole, Moroni named it the “Title of Liberty.”

    Then Moroni went among the people waving this unusual flag so all of the people could see what he had written . He said to them, “Whosoever will maintain this title upon the land, let them come forth … and enter into a covenant that they will maintain their rights, and their religion, that the Lord God may bless them.”

    The people were eager to do what was right and to follow Moroni, so they made a covenant to serve God.

    The words written on the “Title of Liberty” made the people want to do their very best. To find out what the words were, decipher the code. To do so, look at a letter, count three letters ahead in the alphabet, and write down that letter. (Example: If letter is D, write down the letter G.) Continue until all letters have been deciphered.



    In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children.


    Why is a large book like a forest? It has many, many leaves.

    What did the brownie do in the kitchen with a needle and thread? Soda cracker.

    What is funnier than seeing an apple turnover? Seeing the sugar bowl.

    When were letters used as clothing? When knights wore coats of mail.

    Why is an earthquake like large malted milk? Because they are both big shakes.

    What can you put into a glass but never take out? A crack.

    What is more useful when it is used up? An umbrella.

    Why is your nose in the middle of you face? Because it is the scenter.

    Why is the letter k like a pig’s tail? Because it is at the end of pork.

    If a man smashed a clock, would he be blamed for killing time? Not if the clock struck first.

    Why is it difficult for a leopard to hide? No matter where it goes, it’s always spotted.

    What did the egg say to the floor? Look out, I’m cracking up.

    Box for Collections

    You will need: cardboard box with lid, scissors, heavy clear plastic, lightweight cardboard, tape, and glue.

    Cut hole in lid of box large enough to expose the inside of box. Tape plastic over the opening. This makes a good window for observing contents of box.

    If sections are desired, cut lightweight cardboard to size needed and tape into place.

    (Box may be covered with colored paper or painted with poster paints.)