A Book of Mormon Puzzle

by Wendy Watling

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    Read the first two books of the Book of Mormon and you will be able to complete this puzzle about an obedient prophet. Write the correct answers in the proper spaces.


    4. A Nephite prophet and leader for whom a great book is named

    5. Lehi’s wife

    7. The city where Lehi lived before it was destroyed

    10. The second son of Lehi born after the family left Jerusalem

    11. The second disobedient son of Lehi

    13. The servant who went with Nephi and his brothers

    14. A great prophet mentioned in 1 Ne. 19:12

    15. The people who followed the counsel of the Lord


    1. A great prophet whose biblical writings are compared in the Book of Mormon

    2. The prophet who listened to the warnings of the Lord and took his family into the wilderness

    3. The kind of metal from which the plates of Laban were made

    5. A friendly brother of Nephi

    6. An obedient son of Lehi

    8. The eldest son of Lehi

    9. The man who took his family and joined Lehi in the wilderness

    10. The first son of Lehi born after the family left Jerusalem

    11. The man who would not give the records to Nephi and his brothers

    12. The people who would not obey the counsel of the Lord


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    • Across—(4) Mormon, (5) Sariah, (7) Jerusalem, (10) Joseph, (11) Lemuel, (13) Zoram, (14) Zenos, (15) Nephites Down—(1) Isaiah, (2) Lehi, (3) brass, (5) Sam, (6) Nephi, (8) Laman, (9) Ishmael, (10) Jacob, (11) Laban, (12) Lamanites