Where Does My Friend Live?

Take a letter from LIGHTHOUSE
And a letter from STORM.
Add two letters from EMERALD
And a letter from FARM.
Add a letter from ISLAND,
The last letter from STRAND.
My friend and his collie
Romp this rocky land.



Circus Words

These scrambled words are items found at the circus.


1. Funny man at the circus


2. Animal that circus performers ride


3. Canvas shelter sometimes used for a circus


4. Wild striped animal


5. Something full of air tied to a string or a stick


6. Treat you might eat while at a circus


7. Biggest circus animal


(1) clown, (2) horse, (3) tent, (4) tiger, (5) balloon, (6) peanuts, (7) elephant


Is your name Ann? The name Ann means “grace or graceful.”

Is your name Phillip? The name Phillip means “lover of horses.”

Bible Activity

Look up each of the following scriptural references and then print the name of each man mentioned in the appropriate blank. The first letters of the names will spell something special.

1. Acts 23:24

__ __ __ __ __

2. Mark 15:24

__ __ __ __ __

3. Gen. 17:26

__ __ __ __ __ __ __

4. 1 Sam. 1:1

__ __ __ __ __ __ __

5. Gen. 11:14

__ __ __ __ __

6. 1 Sam. 18:3

__ __ __ __ __


(1) Felix, (2) Rufus, (3) Ishmael, (4) Elkanah, (5) Nahor, (6) David (Friend)

Turtle Fun

You will need: margarine tub and lid, cardboard, green felt or heavy green construction paper, scissors, pencil, glue, and sequins.

On construction paper draw around the edge of tub lid for turtle’s round body. Add head, four legs, and a tail to this body and cut out.

Using the turtle body you have just made, trace another turtle from green felt or green painted cardboard and cut out. Glue felt or paper to back side of turtle.

You could make the turtle into a bank by cutting a slot in the center of the bottom of the tub. Then place the lid on the tub and turn upside down. The tub makes the turtle’s shell.

Glue sequin eyes to the head. The turtle shell could be decorated with paper or felt flowers.

To make a paperweight, place some little stones inside the tub.

A Book of Mormon Puzzle

Read the first two books of the Book of Mormon and you will be able to complete this puzzle about an obedient prophet. Write the correct answers in the proper spaces.


4. A Nephite prophet and leader for whom a great book is named

5. Lehi’s wife

7. The city where Lehi lived before it was destroyed

10. The second son of Lehi born after the family left Jerusalem

11. The second disobedient son of Lehi

13. The servant who went with Nephi and his brothers

14. A great prophet mentioned in 1 Ne. 19:12

15. The people who followed the counsel of the Lord


1. A great prophet whose biblical writings are compared in the Book of Mormon

2. The prophet who listened to the warnings of the Lord and took his family into the wilderness

3. The kind of metal from which the plates of Laban were made

5. A friendly brother of Nephi

6. An obedient son of Lehi

8. The eldest son of Lehi

9. The man who took his family and joined Lehi in the wilderness

10. The first son of Lehi born after the family left Jerusalem

11. The man who would not give the records to Nephi and his brothers

12. The people who would not obey the counsel of the Lord


Across—(4) Mormon, (5) Sariah, (7) Jerusalem, (10) Joseph, (11) Lemuel, (13) Zoram, (14) Zenos, (15) Nephites Down—(1) Isaiah, (2) Lehi, (3) brass, (5) Sam, (6) Nephi, (8) Laman, (9) Ishmael, (10) Jacob, (11) Laban, (12) Lamanites