The Latin word octo means “eight” and on the early Roman calendar October was the eighth month. Since the time of Julius Caesar, October has been the tenth month and has had thiry-one days.

Henry Ford demonstrated Model T automobile: October 1, 1908.

Salt Lake Tabernacle dedicated: October 9, 1867.

Ralph Vaughn Williams: English composer. Born October 12, 1872.

Karl G. Maeser: first convert baptized in Germany. Born October 14, 1855.

Oscar Wilde: English dramatist-poet. Born October 16, 1856.

Japan Mission reopened: October 23, 1947.

Erie Canal opened: October 25, 1825.

New York Subway, first underground and underwater railway in world opened: October 27, 1904.

Jan Vermeer: famous painter from The Netherlands. Born October 31, 1632.

Illustrated by Nina Grover