November was the ninth month (the Latin word novem means “nine”) of the early Roman calendar that began in March. At different times there have been twenty-nine, thirty, and thirty-one days in November. Today November is the eleventh month on the calendar and has thirty days.

Pres. John Taylor: Born November 1, 1808.

Louvre Museum in Paris first opened to public: November 8, 1793.

Nauvoo Temple baptismal font dedicated: November 8, 1841.

Alexander Borodin: Russian composer. Born November 12, 1834.

“Falling of the Stars,” grand meteoric shower: November 13, 1833.

Pres. Joseph F. Smith: Born November 13, 1838.

Annual elephant roundup in Thailand: Mid-November.

Central America Mission opened: November 16, 1952.

Explorers Lewis and Clark first sighted, Pacific Ocean: November 17, 1805.

Suez Canal opened: November 17, 1869.

First Primary and Relief Society in Canada organized, Lee’s Creek, Alberta: November 19, 1887.

Pres. Heber J. Grant: Born November 22, 1856.

Baruch Spinoza: Dutch philosopher. Born November 24, 1632.

William Blake: English poet and painter. Born November 28, 1757.

1972 Book Week Poster prepared by William Steig for the Children’s Book Council, Inc.