In the beginning Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, formed the earth. And the earth was empty because they had not formed anything else on it. And darkness covered the earth.

And they said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. They divided the light from the darkness and called the light Day and the darkness Night.

They created the heaven above the waters of the earth.

Then Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus, gathered the waters together and caused the dry land to appear. They called the dry land Earth, and the waters Seas.

And they organized the earth to bring forth grass and herbs and trees.

And then God and His Son put lights in the heaven to divide the day from the night. The light to rule the day was the sun, and the light to rule the night was the moon. With the moon they also set the stars.

And Heavenly Father and Jesus prepared the waters to bring forth great whales and fish and also birds to fly above the earth, and they prepared the earth to bring forth cattle and creeping things and all kinds of animals.

And Heavenly Father said, “Let us make man in our image.” And they created male and female, and blessed them.

On the seventh day they rested from all their work, and blessed the seventh day and sanctified it.

Cutouts for Flannelboard Story


Carefully cut out each figure on pages 21 and 28. Paste flannel on back of each figure so it will stay in place when put on flannelboard.

You may want to add a round ten-inch circle of dark flannel to represent the world. A half-circle of blue flannel can be placed over one-half of the dark circle to represent a separation of land and water.

Arrange the figures on the flannelboard according to story.

Illustrated by Dick Brown