The Golden Plates

by Margaret C. Richards and Carol C. Madsen

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    The song “The Golden Plates” will have special meaning for you when you think about the story it tells. It might be fun for your family to play this game and then sing the song together during a family home evening.

    1. The golden plates lay hidden

    Deep in a mountain side,

    Until God found one faithful,

    In whom He could confide.

    2. A record made by Nephi,

    A godly man of old,

    Now, in the Book of Mormon.

    The story is retold.

    Music, The Golden Plates

    Here is a game to help you learn more about the golden plates. Correctly match the items in the first column with those in the second column by drawing lines between the two.

    1. The place where Joseph Smith was given the golden plates.


    a. The Book of Mormon

    2. Date Joseph received the plates.


    b. Oliver Cowdery

    3. The ancient prophet who buried the golden plates.


    c. 1829

    4. On what the history of the Nephites and Lamanites was recorded.


    d. September 21, 1823

    5. The name of a great Book of Mormon prophet.


    e. Hill Cumorah

    6. When the plates were first buried.


    f. Moroni

    7. When the Book of Mormon was published.


    g. Golden Plates

    8. Date the Angel Moroni first visited Joseph Smith.


    h. Nephi

    9. What the translated plates were called. (Why?)


    i. September 22, 1827

    10. The name of Joseph’s scribe while he translated the plates.


    j. 400 A.D


    Illustrated by Howard Post

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