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January 1973

A Snowflake’s First Sound by John Loveland
The Happy Snowman by Lois Leurgans
Snowy Day by Serene S. Davis
Frosting by Solveig Paulson Russell
The Golden Plates by Margaret C. Richards and Carol C. Madsen
Year’s End by Shirley Crow Stephens

Friend to Friend:

Friend to Friend: Strength from Others
by Elder William H. Bennett
Each One Is Special by Blanche Boshinski
The New Year by Beatrice T. Lowrie
Friends in Peru
Recipes from Peru by Vicki H. Budge
The Creation
Fun ’n Friendsy by Grace Diane Jessen
Where Lisa Learns by Mary Ellen Jolley
Friends in Books
Colored Snowflakes by Nancy Garber
Bird Pie by Angela Dermyer
Snow Party by Marilyn Nash Hull
If You Could Be Anybody in the World by Lee Baldwin