Let’s Have a Castle Party

by Marilyn Nash Hull

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    Cut long narrow strips of printed wallpaper. Write your message on printed or plain side. Fasten one stick to top and another to bottom of strip with tape. Roll up both ends like a town crier’s scroll (see illustration).

    The message could be:

    To Prince (or Princess) (name) ,

    Your Royal Highness is invited to a party honoring the (birthday, farewell, etc.) of Prince (or Princess) (name) .

    It will be held in the castle at (address) at (time) .

    Wear royal robes (cape, curtain, dress, etc.).

    Your crown and jewels will be waiting for you at the castle.

    After the feast you will be driven home in the royal coach (car).


    Introduction: As guests arrive, seat them in a semicircle facing the throne. A helper plays a fanfare for each guest (plays piano chords, beats a drum, or hits sticks). Each child is then crowned and announced (such as Princess Julie from Jilly Jones, Prince Paul from Pasadonia, etc.). As each guest is announced, he or she bows or curtsies to the honored prince or princess on the throne. (If this is a birthday party, the guests may give their gifts at this time.)

    Crown: The crown is cut from heavy paper and covered with aluminum foil. Staple or pin it together to make right head size.

    Royal Jewels: Each guest is given a piece of string 2 to 3 feet long or a needle and a long thread on which to thread the “royal jewels.” Use such jewels as bits of bright or shiny paper, empty spools, buttons, plain and colored macaroni. The finished necklace is tied around the neck of each guest. Crowns and jewels are to be kept by guests.

    Pin the Jewel on the Crown: This is a blindfold game that is played similar to Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

    Jewel Toss: Jewel Toss is played by tossing brightly wrapped candy into a crown on the floor. The candies that go inside the crown are the prizes. This could also be played as a relay game with lines on each side of the crown.

    Read a Fairy Tale: Cinderella would be a good story to read out loud or pantomime as a play.


    Pink and red hearts or balloons fastened to crepe paper streamers will make a good canopy for the throne. Drape silk or velvet fabric or a pretty quilt over a large or high-backed chair for a throne. Place a pillow on the floor as a footstool.


    Heart-shaped or round open-faced sandwiches served with potato chips begin the menu. Pink cakes decorated with sparkling candies, and shiny red gelatin or punch would also be good.

    Party Manner for the Month

    Princes and princesses have elegant eating manners. They are especially careful in handling dishes.

    Illustrated by JaNeanne Webster