Harold B. Lee

Children everywhere share the feeling of boys and girls in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, who wrote:

Dear President Lee,

Thank you for being our new prophet. We love you. We know that you are a good man. We want to help you, so we will say a prayer for you today. We will try to keep the commandments of Jesus. We hope this letter will make your day happy.

1. President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
2. Plays the piano.
3. When five years old.
4. At three and one-half years of age.
5. Called by President Heber J. Grant to be an apostle.
6. Was principal of Oxford School in Idaho at nineteen.
7. Missionary in Western States Mission in 1921.
8. At home with wife Freda Joan Lee.
9. At Clifton, Idaho, farm in winter.
10. Speaking at general conference in 1970.
11. Served as Salt Lake City Commissioner 1933–37.
12. Enjoying out-of-door sports. (Illustrated by Jerry Thompson.)