Moon and Morning Stars

This game is played in sunny and shady places by children in Spain. One player is chosen to be the moon, and he stands in the shade or shadows of trees and buildings. The moon can’t go into the sunshine.

All the other players are morning stars. They can be in the sunshine, but if they go into shade or shadows, the moon tries to catch or tag them.

While the stars are playing in the sunshine, they sing this little song:

The bright moon and morning stars!
The bright moon and morning stars!
Where the light shines bright
We dance and play.
But who will dare the shadow?

When the moon finally tags a star, that player becomes the next moon.

Is your name Sally?

The name Sally means “princess.”

Is your name George?

The name George means “farmer.”

Pet Parade

There’s a pet parade being held today,
And all the children have pets on display.
In the confusion they’ve become scrambled, you see.
Rearrange the letters to find what pets there will be.

1. G D O

2. U T R L T E

3. S F I H

4. N C Y A A R

5. N K T I T E

6. H M A T S R E

7. R G F O

8. K N E M O Y


(1) dog, (2) turtle, (3) fish, (4) canary, (5> kitten, (6) hamster, (7) frog, (8) monkey.