Let’s Have a Party in Bible Days

by Marilyn Nash Hull

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    Write your invitation on a long sheet of white paper. Attach ends of paper to two sticks and roll up from both ends like a scroll. It could read like the one printed [below].

    Did children in Bible days laugh and play like me? Come to (address) at (date and time) and you will see.


    Games played in olden times include tag, pitching pebbles at a target, and playing catch with a ball made of tied rags. These games would all be fun to play today.

    Divide guests into small groups and have each group make up a new game or activity. The only rules are to keep the games simple and not to use modern equipment. After all groups have planned and practiced their games, they teach the new games to the rest of the guests.

    There are many Bible stories to tell or read, and you may want to pantomime stories from the Bible such as the Good Samaritan, David and Goliath, Samson, Joseph and His Brothers, Noah, Moses, and others. A director chooses the number of participants he needs. Whoever guesses the story being enacted becomes the next director.

    Songs may be sung from Sing with Me.

    Games or quizzes that would be appropriate to use can be found in family home evening manuals, the Friend, and other books.


    Drape and pin plain or striped cloth around the shoulder of each guest upon arrival at the party. You may use pieces of cloth, curtains, small sheets, or tablecloths, and these simple costumes will take the place of decorations.

    You may wish to give each guest a Bible picture or scripture bookmark as a favor.


    Attractive fruits on a platter would make a beautiful centerpiece and may be eaten as dessert. Serve foods mentioned in the Bible such as olives, grapes, or grape juice. Serve on simple dishes or pottery.

    Party Manner for the Month

    The blessing on the food is a reminder that you should be calm, reverent, and grateful.

    Illustrated by Dorothy Wagstaff