When Raindrops Fell

by Solveig Paulson Russell

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    When raindrops fell on Rabbit Brown,

    He jumped around like a circus clown.

    He waggled his ears and leaped so high

    The ground snails thought he’d surely fly.

    When raindrops fell on Squirrely Sue,

    She scampered and giggled and twittered too.

    She frisked her tail in a thousand swirls

    And wiggled her whiskers in furls and curls.

    When raindrops fell on Bob Bluejay,

    He gurgled and squawked in a noisy way.

    He flapped his wings in blissful glee

    And swung upside down in the haw-haw tree.

    When raindrops fell on the creatures all—

    The big and little, the short and tall,

    The ones up high, and the ones down low,

    The fleet of foot, and the poky-slow—

    They all were delighted, for raindrops bring

    A certain promise of coming spring.

    Illustrated by Richard Hull