A Special May Day

by Angela Dermyer

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    “Have fun,” Mother called to Christy from the doorway. “Run quickly so that no one catches you. If they do, you’ll get a kiss.”

    Christy smiled and waved to Mother as she walked slowly up the hill pulling her little wagon.

    Soon Christy stopped in front of Lisa’s house and counted the May baskets in her wagon. She had one, two, three, four, five small ones and a special basket with a big frilly bow.

    Christy parked her wagon behind a bush and picked up one of the small baskets. She tiptoed up to Lisa’s front door and carefully hung the basket on the doorknob. Then she rang the doorbell and ran quickly back to her wagon.

    As Christy stood behind a bush and held her breath, Lisa’s door opened. But there was no sound. Christy began to wiggle with excitement. She wiggled this way and that. Finally she peeked around the bush.

    “I see you!” Lisa called from the porch. Christy jumped up and started to run, but Lisa ran faster and soon caught her.

    “Happy May Day,” Lisa said, kissing Christy on the cheek.

    “Happy May Day,” Christy answered. “Have you delivered your May baskets yet?”

    “I was just starting,” Lisa replied. “Let’s go together.”

    Christy helped Lisa arrange her baskets in the wagon.

    “Let’s go to Gary’s first,” Lisa suggested.

    The two girls hurried to Gary’s house. They set their baskets next to the door. As soon as Lisa rang the doorbell, they ran around by the side of the house to hide.

    Gary opened the door and they could hear running steps.

    Christy ran to catch up with Lisa who was already pulling the wagon down the sidewalk as fast as she could.

    Gary watched them a minute and then called, “Thanks for the May baskets!”

    Lisa and Christy stopped running. “You’re welcome,” they shouted together as they hurried away.

    Finally all the baskets were delivered but the one with the big frilly bow.

    “Who’s that basket for?” Lisa asked.

    “It’s a special basket for a special person,” Christy answered, “and we’re almost to her house.”

    Christy and Lisa tiptoed up to the door of one more house. They carefully hung the special May basket on the doorknob, rang the doorbell, quickly ran away, and hid at the side of the house.

    The door opened, and Christy’s mother stepped out onto the porch. She smiled when she saw the May basket.

    “Who could this May basket be from?” she asked as she looked all around. “I’ll bet I have some milk and cookies for whoever brought me such a nice May Day surprise.”

    Lisa and Christy ran out from the side of the house.

    “We’ve delivered all our baskets, Mother,” Christy said. “I made a basket just for you, and Lisa helped me bring it.”

    Mother leaned down and gave both girls a big hug. “You’ve had a happy May Day, and you’ve made it a happy May Day for me too. Thank you.”

    Illustrated by Neva Schultz