Let’s Have a Doll Party

by Marilyn Nash Hull

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    Fold a piece of construction paper. On the front draw a picture of a doll with crayons or felt-tipped pens. On the inside write your invitation. It could say:

    You are invited to bring your favorite doll

    Whether she’s old or new, short or tall,

    And come to a party. _________ is the time

    On _________. (Hope the weather is fine.)

    We’ll make your doll a dress for spring.

    Perhaps a blue ribbon it will bring,

    For in a contest she will compete.

    Then we’ll parade our dolls and have a treat.




    Making Dresses

    Have pretty pieces of material pressed and ready for guests to use. You should also have trimmings such as lace and ribbons, scissors, pins, and double-threaded needles ready. If your guests are too young to use a needle, you should have ribbon or yarn to tie the new dresses around the dolls’ waists instead of sewing them.

    Small children may need help in using scissors. To cut out a simple dress, lay the doll onto doubled fabric (folded at the shoulders) and cut around the doll, being sure the dress is larger than the doll. Cut out a circle for neck and make a slit down the front or back so the dress will fit over the doll’s head.

    When the dolls are all dressed in their new outfits, line them up on a couch or table. Judging could be done by an older person. Have little blue ribbons already cut and waiting to be pinned on each doll. The judge could say, “This doll wins for the happiest face.” Another doll could win for “the most glamorous dress” or “most cuddly.”

    Doll Parade

    After judging, the dolls are ready for the parade. Each guest holds her doll high and parades up and down the street, around the house, or wherever you decide to go. You may have an older brother or sister lead you while playing a drum or tambourine or hitting sticks together as you march. If the weather is wet or cold, you could have someone play the piano or a record as you march through the house.


    A doll collection could be displayed. Balloons with doll faces painted on are also fun. A doll cake could be used as a centerpiece. To make a doll cake, place a small doll in the center hole of a sponge cake. Trim off the sharp edge around cake. Frost and decorate it to look like a skirt.


    Ice cream cones could have doll faces on them, or guests could decorate them with tiny candies or raisins.

    Party Manner for the Month

    Be kind to other children at all times.

    Illustrated by Virginia Sargent