Let’s Have a Flower Party

by Marilyn Nash Hull

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    Draw pictures of flowers on construction paper invitation and color. You could also cut flower shapes from different colors of paper and paste them on the invitation. Pressed flowers would be attractive when pasted in a neat arrangement.

    Your message could read:

    Flowers beckoning.

    Picture of petals and smiles.

    Come! Make them with me.



    (time and date)


    Have guests arrange flowers or weeds attractively on a light piece of cardboard and paste in place. Then place a piece of glass on top of the flowers. To make frames, wrap wide cloth or plastic tape around the edge of the glass. Keep it firm or add extra weight while flowers dry (approximately two days).

    Another good activity is to draw and color flowers and then write a verse about them. Haiku, an oriental style of poetry, has only three lines in it and is fun to do. There are five syllables in the first and third lines and seven syllables in the second line. The invitation for this party is an example of Haiku.


    If the party is held outside, you won’t need to worry about decorations. However, if you decide to have an indoor party, have as many fresh or artificial flowers around as possible.


    Whether indoors or outdoors, pack a picnic basket. Cover the ground or floor with a tablecloth. Pack napkins, sandwiches, potato chips, punch, or other food that will give a picnic feeling.

    Party Manner for the Month

    A happy heart and a smile will make you look as lovely as a flower.

    Illustrated by Nina Grover