Fun ’n Friendsy

by Shirlee R. Jackson

Ice Cream Circus Cart

Put the following ingredients together just before eating, or make ahead of time and place in freezer until ready to serve.

1 quart prepacked ice cream

16 round cookies or gumdrop circles

36 gumdrop sticks

8 gumdrop slices

4 licorice sticks

Cut ice cream into four pieces (rectangle shape for cart). Put four cookies or gumdrop circles in place for wheels, and use gumdrop sticks for bars on each cart. Two gumdrop slices on top of cart finish the decoration. Use one licorice stick for tongue of cart. You may want to serve with animal crackers. Serves 4.

The Berry Farm

Can you find the missing consonants to complete these words containing berry?

1. __ __ __ A __ B E R R Y

2. __ __ UE B E R R Y

3. __ __ A __ B E R R Y

4. __ __ A __ __ B E R R Y

5. __ A __ __ B E R R Y

6. __ O __ __ E __ B E R R Y


(1) strawberry, (2) blueberry, (3) cranberry, (4) blackberry, (5) raspberry, (6) boysenberry

What’s in a Name?

Is your name Ida?

The name Ida means “thirsty.”

Is your name Mae?

The name Mae means “flowery.”