Summer is a time for fun, but it is also a time to think about safety. Here is a true or false quiz to help you rate yourself on your safety habits. Have a happy and safe summer!

1. You should swim only in area where a lifeguard is on duty or where you are accompanied by an older person who know how to swim well.

2. It is not necessary to enter cold water gradually.

3. Playing in the street is usually safe.

4. Always ride your bike on the left side of the road so you can see what traffic is coming toward you.

5. It is not necessary to walk your bicycle across busy intersections.

6. Many signs and rules posted at beaches and pools apply only to professional swimmers.

7. Do not swim for at least one hour after eating.

8. If caught outdoors during a lightning storm, seek shelter under a tree.

9. It is safe to swim during a storm.

10. Plastic bags are dangerous play-things.

11. Plants like poison ivy do not usually affect children.

12. The best place to be during a lightning storm is inside you home near a doorway or open window.

13. Playing inside heavy boxes or discarded refrigerators is not dangerous.

14. The best place to swim is in an area where people are diving so you can watch them and they can keep an eye on you.

15. You should not jump into strange waters.

16. It is important to check strange waters for depth and to look for objects that might be hidden under the water.

17. If you go barefoot, you should be especially careful not to step on glass, sharp rocks, or nails.

18. Either string or wire is good to used in flying kites.

19. You should not fly kites on stormy or rainy days.

20. Playing close to rivers or streams is safe.

21. Many flowers, leaves, and berries are poisonous and should not be eaten.

22. Traffic signals and signs are for cars, not bicycles.

23. When hiking in the mountains, you should stay away from the edges of cliffs.

24. Dusk and nighttime are the most dangerous times to ride a bicycle.

25. It is not safe to touch plumbing fixtures or electric wiring, use a telephone, play a radio, or watch television during lightening storms.


Illustrated by Linda Banks

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