How’s the little boy who swallowed the quarter? No change yet.

What is gray and has four legs, big ears, and a trunk? A mouse going on vacation.

What doesn’t ask questions, but must be answered? A telephone.

Match the Meaning

See if you can match the following boys’ and girls’ names with their meanings.

1. Dennis

wise protection

2. Andrew


3. Raymond


4. Thomas

bold as a bear

5. Bernard

gift of the Lord

6. Matthew

strong willed

7. Joel


8. Eric

good company

9. Amy


10. Dorothy

greatly loved

11. Lucile

God’s gift

12. Eve

winsomely lovely

13. Colleen

giver of life

14. Mary


15. Joyce



(1) worshiper, (2) manly, (3) wise protection, (4) good company, (5) bold as a bear, (6) gift of the Lord, (7) strong willed, (8) princely, (9) greatly loved, (10) God’s gift, (11) shining, (12) giver of life, (13) darling, (14) sympathetic, (15) winsomely lovely.

R Is for Riddles

How do you make gold soup? Add fourteen carrots.

What do you get if you cross a carrier pigeon with a woodpecker? A messenger that knocks.

What is a pickle? A cucumber in a sour mood.

What did one hot dog say to another hot dog? “Hi, Frank!”

What did one candle say to the other? “Birthday parties really burn me up.”

What did the adding machine say to the clerk? “You can count on me.”

What did one arithmetic book say to the other? “I’ve got problems.”

Why was the little cannibaal expelled from school? For buttering up the teacher.