What Year Were You Born?

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    The Chinese people name their years after animals and have a symbol for each year.

    Look at the chart below and find out what year you were born:

    • 1960—Year of the Mouse

    • 1961—Year of the Ox

    • 1962—Year of the Tiger

    • 1963—Year of the Rabbit

    • 1964—Year of the Dragon

    • 1965—Year of the Snake

    • 1966—Year of the Horse

    • 1967—Year of the Sheep

    • 1968—Year of the Monkey

    • 1969—Year of the Rooster

    • 1970—Year of the Dog

    • 1971—Year of the Pig

    After the Year of the Pig, the calendar starts over again with the Year of the Mouse. This year, 1973, is the Year of the Ox.

    You could make a circle calendar of things that appeal to you. How about beginning with the Year of the Rocket, the Year of Football, the Year of Dolls, or the Year of the Friend?

    Illustrated by Jennifer Chan