In July 1847 Brigham Young raised from his sickbed in his wagon and declared, “This is the place.”

Years later in that same wagon John W. Young, son of Brigham Young, traveled to an Indian village in northern Arizona. Considering the wagon to be too old and worn out for more use, John left the wagon at the Windmill Ranch near St. Johns, Arizona.

David King Udall learned about this historical wagon in 1880 and hired a team of oxen to take it to St. Johns. There he stored it in a shed on the tithing lot so it would be safe.

During 1897, the year of the Golden Jubilee of the Church, a call was sent out for all pioneer relics to be sent to Church headquarters in Salt Lake City. Mr. Udall informed the proper authorities that the wagon was in St. Johns, and immediately it was shipped to Salt Lake City.

For many years Brigham Young’s wagon was displayed in the Museum of Relics at the Utah State Capitol Building. Later it was moved to the basement of the Pioneer Memorial Building.

Brigham Young’s wagon from which he spoke the memorable words “This is the place” can now be seen in its new home in the Carriage House, which will officially open this fall in Salt Lake City.

Illustrated by Richard Hull