Two clever little Pilgrims

Hid behind a jagged rock

And aimed their heavy muskets

At a fat old turkey cock.

A frisky little rabbit

That was hiding in some thorns

Crept up behind the Pilgrims

And removed their powder horns.

The muskets now were useless

So the cock could get away.

What would the little Pilgrims

Have to eat Thanksgiving Day?

A rustle in the bushes

Made the Pilgrims turn around—

An Indian boy with drawn bow

Watched them both without a sound.

He quickly drew his bowstring,

An arrow flew through the air.

The turkey toppled over,

Floating feathers everywhere.

The boy picked up the turkey

And then with a happy smile

He gave it to the Pilgrims

And vanished Indian-style!

Illustrated by Charles Quilter