Puppet Theater Instructions

Paste this page on heavy paper and cut out area between curtains. On a box large enough for the size theater you wish, cut a hole 8″ high and 13″ wide near the top (see illustration). Carefully center stage over hole and paste on box. Hang a piece of cloth or scarf on open side at back of box. Paste calendar on page 32 below stage and decorate theater with bright adhesive paper, valentines, ribbons, pictures, or anything you might wish to use. Now your theater is ready for special performances with puppets that can be made from instructions on pages in this magazine.

Paper Sack Puppets

You will need: small paper sack, piece of cloth, yarn, felt, scissors, paste, and needle and thread.

Cut a piece of cloth 10″ x 16″. Match right sides of 10″ sides and sew together. Stuff a paper sack with scraps of cloth or paper to form the head. Sew a gathering stitch around top and stitch to paper sack to make clothes for puppet. Cut pieces of yarn for hair and paste on top of sack. Add eyes, nose, and ears cut from felt or other material.

Illustrated by Phyllis Luch