This spring why don’t you make and fly your own kite? The kite looks unusual, but it is easy to make and doesn’t need a tail.

To make kite, you will need: 1 stick 31″ long, 3 sticks 22″ long, and 5 sticks 8″ long (you can buy 1/4″ wooden dowel rods at the hardware store, or sticks from broken kites can be reused). The kite covering can be any lightweight paper (newspaper works fine) or plastic. You will also need glue and string.

Lay out the body as shown in illustration. Glue and tie each joint. Notch ends of sticks and run a string around outside. Glue paper in place and then trim, leaving enough paper to fold over string, and glue it in place. Cut out center section.

To make triangular box (see illustration), tie ends of two of the 8″ pieces together. Bend legs to fit inside center uprights at top (see illustration). You’ll have to punch two small holes through paper. Tie legs to uprights. Do same at bottom. This makes cradle for a third of the 22″ sticks. Tie and glue all joints.

Build a kite

Cut two strips of paper 8″ across and 16″ long. Glue one strip at top of kite and the other strip at bottom with third upright in center.

When everything is in place, your kite will look like a triangular box with wings. The hole in center makes the kite fly better, so do not put paper over it.

Now you’re ready to fly your kite. Attach bowstring to end of main crosspiece. Pull it tight and bend main crosspiece about 3″ (measured from middle). Next hook a bridle string to each end of front upright. Tie your kite string to it even with the main crosspiece.

Your kite is small but strong. It will carry a half pound, and so you can send up a parachute, dummy observer, or various things that weigh this much.

Illustrated by Lynda Banks