Tell me how a prophet looks.
Could one read my mind?
Does he warn us what to do?
Is he wise and kind?
A prophet has a testimony
Of Jesus Christ, the Lord;
He looks and talks like other men.
A prophet speaks God’s word.
Once a prophet warned the people
A flood would cover all the earth,
But only seven believed his word
And saw the rainbow’s birth.
A prophet can do miracles
When it is our Father’s will:
One called down manna from the skies;
One made the sun stand still.
An ancient prophet, wise and kind,
Healed a widow’s son;
A modern prophet’s handkerchief
Brought health to ailing ones.
A prophet of our latter day
Was over six feet tall;
He liked to wrestle with his friends;
And could he throw a ball!
Each prophet has repeated,
As the prophet of our day,
“Keep the commandments of the Lord;
Follow the Savior’s way.”

[illustration] Illustrated by Dale Kilbourn