1. At the command of the Lord, I left Jerusalem with my wife and four sons and fled into the wilderness. One morning when I awoke, I found a brass ball by the door of my tent. This “liahona” guided us in our travels through the wilderness, across the ocean, and into the promised land.

2. I went back to Jerusalem with my two older brothers to get the brass plates. Although my brothers were afraid, I knew the Lord would provide a way for us to do what He had commanded.

3. When I was fifteen years of age, I was visited by the Lord. I became general of the Nephite army until the people became so wicked that I refused to serve as their leader any longer. I made plates of gold and abridged the large plates of Nephi and passed them on to my son.

4. I became king after my father’s death. My final address to my people was delivered from a high tower so that everyone could hear the words that had been given to me by the Lord.

5. I led two thousand young men to war against the Lamanites. We won the battle, and not one of these young men lost his life.

6. My brother and I and our families did not have our language confounded at the Tower of Babel. We were told to prepare barges for crossing the ocean. I saw the finger of the Lord touch stones to provide light for our journey, and then Jesus Christ appeared and taught me many important truths.

7. I received the records of my people from my father. I made the final entry on the plates and then buried them in the Hill Cumorah. On September 22, 1827, I delivered these plates to Joseph Smith.

8. I stood on a wall and told the people about the signs of Christ’s birth and death. The wicked Nephites would not believe a Lamanite prophet, and they tried to kill me.

9. My father did the work of the Lord, but my friends and I were unbelievers. We persecuted members of the Church until one day an angel appeared to us. Afterward we served as missionaries and taught many people the gospel.

10. I led a party of men from Zarahemla to the land of Lehi-Nephi. I was taken before King Limhi, the leader of the people, and he showed me twenty-four gold plates on which was written the history of his people. I could not read them, and so I took them to King Mosiah, who translated the records.


Illustrated by Ronald Crosby

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