These girls and boys in Taiwan have sent letters to share their feelings about the Church with their friends everywhere:

“I love my Heavenly Father and I love our true Church.”

“Although we are not rich, we are happy.”

“The family home evening is so enjoyable that I am always looking forward to that night.”

“Our Heavenly Father knows our every action and helps us to solve our problems.”

“I hope many people can be baptized and become members of the Church, so they can have the same feeling I have.”

“Whenever I close my eyes, I feel the Spirit with me. I know that this is a gift of God.”

“Many children play with me in Primary, which gives us opportunities to develop a cooperative character.”

“I thank God for giving me wisdom and the true Church.”

“Once, before my first monthly examination, I didn’t know why I just couldn’t devote myself to my lesson. I prayed and right away I felt peace in my heart.”

“I came to know the Church through the missionaries. Now I want to bear my testimony that our Church is true and that our Heavenly Father loves me.”

“Before I know how to help people and love people, I must understand the truth of the gospel. After I joined the Church, my soul has been helped greatly and my faith strengthened.”

“A Chinese saying is ‘If you induce a wolf into your room, you will certainly take the consequences.’ I was extremely right to have chosen God’s only true church on earth.”

“I love our Church. I love my teachers and friends in Junior Sunday School and Primary.”