Fun ’n Friendsy

by John Loveland

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    The Magic Number

    Try this mind-readng trick on a friend. Have him choose a number from 1 to 100 and multiply it by 99. Then ask him to add up the numbers in his answer. Regardless of the number he chooses, the final answer will always be 18.

    For example: suppose your friend chooses the number 11.

    11 x 99 = 1089

    1 + 0 + 8 + 9 = 18

    Beehive Crossword


    1. An insect that makes honey.

    2. You use two of these to hear.

    5. One is connected to each of your shoulders.

    6. A word that means “to steal a person.”


    1. A necklace is made with one of these.

    2. In order to get money you must _______ it.

    3. A girl’s name.


    Across—(1) bee, (4) ear, (5) arm, (6) kidnap, Down—(1) bead, (2) earn, (3) Erma.

    Book of Mormon Matching

    Can you match these Book of Mormon characters with their correct descriptions?

    1. Alma

    a. righteous king

    2. Lehi

    b. worker of evil

    3. Noah

    c. led 2,000 striplings in battle

    4. Lemuel

    d. last Nephite on earth

    5. Helaman

    e. leader of the Jaredites

    6. Samuel

    f. father of Nephites and Lamanites

    7. Laban

    g. had the brass plates

    8. Benjamin

    h. Nephite prophet

    9. Laman

    i. a Lamanite king

    10. Moroni

    j. a great missionary

    11. Lamoni

    k. leader of the Lamanites

    12. Sarah

    l. abridged the Book of Mormon

    13. Mormon

    m. rebellious son of Lehi

    14. Jared

    n. mother of Nephites and Lamanites

    15. Abinadi

    o. Lamanite prophet


    (1) j, (2) f, (3) b, (4) m, (5) c, (6) o, (7) g, (8) a, (9) k, (10) d, (11) i, (12) n, (13) l, (14) e, (15) h.

    Make a Bamboozle

    You will need: three newspapers and scissors.

    Overlap the newspapers with folded sides all going the same way and roll them into a tube (see illustration). Pat ends to make even and then tear or cut unfolded edges into fourths about a third of the way down. With your finger take hold of an inside piece and pull until you have a fancy bamboozle.