Stitches in Burlap

This clever stitchery on burlap can be used to wrap your Christmas gifts or as a gift bag. Choose a piece of brightly colored burlap and cut to size you wish for bag or gift wrapping. Stitch raw edge of top down about 1/2″ for a casing, leaving a space open to thread a piece of yarn through for drawstring. Sketch a simple design on burlap such as a bird, flower, rabbit, name, candy cane, or Christmas tree. To make chain stitch, bring 4-ply yarn up through cloth and insert needle where it came out. Next, take a short stitch through line of drawing, keeping yarn under needle, then pull up needle (see illustration). This will make a loop that lies flat. Do not pull tight. Insert needle where yarn came out and take another stitch. Fasten off with concealed backstitch and clip end of yarn.

Stitches in Burlap

Fun With Scissors

You will need: white or colored paper, scissors, ruler, thread, and transparent tape.

Many different shapes of snowflakes can be made with scissors, and here are a few ideas. To make a garland, cut 2 1/4″ x 20″ strips of paper (paper may be taped together or adding machine tape could be used for longer garlands). Fold paper in half lengthwise. Cut slits 1/4″ apart the length of strip, alternating between folded edge and cut edges. Open strip and carefully pull apart to hang in windows or over doors. For snowflakes, cut 8″ squares, fold in half, then fold in half again (see illustration). Make a third fold for triangle (see illustration). Trim outside edge of snowflake first, then cut design with alternating slits.

Fun With Scissors

Variations of this design are also illustrated. After cutting, unfold to full size, make a loop from thread, and tape ends to back of snowflake.

Santa Place Marker

Use shiny red apple for body and with toothpicks attach marshmallow legs, arms, and face. Make eyes with cloves and use a piece of cherry for nose. To make Santa’s hat, push a toothpick through a red gumdrop, leaving room for a red cherry on top.

Using corn syrup stick cotton on hat and on chin for beard. Place a toothpick in back of Santa to hold him up. A place card may be attached to one arm with a toothpick.

Mini-Wall Pictures

Cut circle out of paper the size of a cottage cheese carton lid or orange juice can lid and paste paper circle to lid.

Draw an animal figure or flower on a piece of felt ot paper. Cut out and paste onto paper circle. Make it brighter and more interesting by cutting different colors of felt or fabric. Buttons, sequins, or candy could also be used. Hang picture from small loop of colorful yarn taped or pasted to back of lid.

Pencil Box

You will need: cardboard tube, decorative paper, thin cardboard, scissors, and paste.

Cover tube with paper and seal off open end of tube by cutting a circle to fit. Cover circle with paper and paste in bottom of tube. To make lid, cut another circle of cardboard slightly larger than tube. Then cut a 1″-wide strip of cardboard about 1/2″ longer than the tube’s circumference. Overlap strip ends and paste together, making sure they fit over tube. Next, paste circle to top and cover with paper. Now your pencil box is finished.

Sewing Kit

Decorate a small aspirin box with a painted design, or cover it with colorful tape or cloth. Cut a piece of thin cardboard with pinking shears (if possible) to fit inside the box. Wind different colors of thread on the card, and stick a few needles and straight pins into thee thread. Add two small safety pins and a few buttons.