Make Your Own Christmas Cards

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    You will need: construction paper, potato, pins, food coloring, and knife.

    1. Draw a small pattern of a candy cane, candle, bell, tree, or star on paper and cut out.

    2. Cut potato in half, and use pins to fasten paper pattern to cut potato half.

    3. With Mother’s help, use tip of knife to trace pattern on flat surface of potato.

    4. Remove pattern and cut away potato on outside of traced pattern until design is about 1/4 inch higher than rest of potato half.

    5. Cut a square from construction paper and fold it to the size you want your finished card to be.

    6. Mix food coloring and water in a small dish. Dip carved potato into food coloring and press potato down on front of your folded card.

    7. Lift potato and you have a Christmas design. Write your Christmas message on inside and card is completed.