Fun ’n Friendsy

By Helen R. Sattler

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    1. What is long and hard, has no feet, but wears shoes?

    2. What have you that is most useful when it is used up?

    3. What did the tree say to the axe?

    4. What has no end and no beginning?

    5. How do you know a baker is unselfish?

    6. What animals have their eyes nearest together?


    (1) A pavement. (2) An umbrella. (3) I’m stumped. (4) A circle. (5) Because he is always selling that which he kneads himself. (6) The smallest.

    Magic 7 Square

    Arrange numbers from 3 to 11 in the squares below so that each row’s total will be the same regardless of the direction you add—across, up, down, or diagonally.

    Magic 7 Square


    row 1 across–4, 9, 8; row 2 across–11, 7, 3; row 3 across–6, 5, 10. This is one answer; however, there man be other combinations.

    Let’s Make a Water Clock

    Did you know that you can tell time with a water clock?

    All you’ll need is an empty milk carton, a two-or three-quart-size shallow pan, and food coloring.

    Punch a small hole in the side of the carton near the bottom and fill the carton with colored water. Then place the water-filled carton inside the pan. The water will drip slowly out of the carton and into the pan.

    To start the water clock, hold the carton up to the light or use a flashlight and mark the level of the colored water inside when it’s full. Then mark the level after every fifteen minutes.

    Refill the carton with the colored water and you are ready to tell the time accurately with your water clock.

    Form a Word

    How many words can you form by starting at any letter and following the lines to other letters?

    Form a Word