Yarn Doll Valentines

You will need: cardboard, yarn, ribbon, red paper, needle, and thread.

Cut a piece of cardboard 3″ square. Beginning at bottom, wind yarn around it 20 times. Then, with yarn or ribbon of another color, tie a bow at the top for doll’s hair ribbon.

Take yarn from card by cutting across bottom, and tie yarn 3/4″ down to form head. Use four strands of yarn for each arm. Tie together at wrist and cut off, leaving a bit for the cuff as illustrated.

To form waist, tie yarn about 1 1/2″ from top of head and fluff out skirt.

Make eyes, nose, and mouth with black yarn and needle or paste on felt pieces.

Fasten each doll to a red paper or cardboard heart with a needle and thread, tying the thread on the back of the heart. These dolls can be worn on a dress or coat after Valentine’s Day by making appropriate backings for other special occasions such as St. Patrick’s Day.

Miss Suzie Shape

This is Miss Suzie Shape. Every part of her body is made up of different shapes. Look at her round head. It is called a circle. Sometimes the moon looks round like her head. Then, it is called a full moon. Sometimes it is shaped like her mouth. Then, it is called a quarter or crescent moon.

Suzie is smiling because she is having fun at a party. Her party hat is a triangle. Her nose is a triangle too. Do you know what shape her eyes are? They are stars.

Suzie’s friends are all at the party. That is why her heart is going thump-thump-thump. Can you find her heart? Suzie’s neck and arms are straight lines. Look at her legs. They are rectangles. Her hands and her feet are all the same shape. They are called ovals.

Suzie is wearing her mother’s earrings at the party. They are diamond-shaped. The buttons on her blouse are square.

Snow Time Ice Cream

Winter is the easiest time to make your own ice cream.

Here’s a list of the ingredients needed:

1 small can evaporated milk

1 egg

1/2 cup sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla

large bowl of clean, fluffy snow

Mix milk, egg, sugar, and vanilla together. Add snow to mixture and stir well. Eat immediately!

Ice Hockey Maze

Shoot for a goal and score a point by not crossing any lines with the hockey puck.

Ice Hockey Maze